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2014 Short Films

By Annabelle Attanasio
Inside the men's room at a dive bar, Micah must confront his three greatest fears: confined spaces, germs, and most of all, girls.

By Teri Carson
Some things will always be out of reach.(Invitational Short)


The Date
Screenplay by Stella Saccà, Directed by Gianpiero Alicchio
A double date ends with promises of a next outing. In their separate cars, the girls and the guys then recap the evening with very different views.


Day of the Girl
By Lucy Rodriguez
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood until the creepy sex offender comes to get you

  Dead End
By Kim Risi
A love-struck student desperately attempts to ask out the girl of his dreams, despite the dead old lady sharing his bus seat.
Escape From Garden Grove
By Mathilde Dratwa
A teenager decides to rescue her grandmother from the nursing home.

By Marina Loos
Two high school losers get up the nerve to crash a party, only to be carjacked along the way.

Five Days Straight
By Michaela Stewart
When a group of Jewish students get stuck in a hotel in Israel during their Birthright trip, all descends into ridiculous chaos.

Flat Life
By Andrea Beca
Jessie deals with a unique challenge upon moving into a new apartment after a break-up.

Hell Hath No Fury
Screenplay by Devjani Raha, Directed by Dug Rotstein
A therapy group for the girlfriends of superheroes goes horribly awry.

  In The Dark
By Bettina Bilger
Two neighbors end up in bed together during a blackout and then have to sort out whether they have a relationship worth pursuing.

Screenplay by Sarah Rae Paulin, Directed by Carrie Frazier
A husband and wife try to rekindle their sex life with a little experimenting, until two robbers disrupt their night.


Leave the Light On
By Teri Carson
A young girl loves horror stories and the babysitter obliges.


Lez Be Honest
By Haley Manrique
Shy, flannel-clad Gina must decide whether to keep up a lesbian facade for the advancement of equality or proclaim her feelings for her crush, Jeff.

  The Loonies
By Laura Enem
After an unfortunate ordeal, a naive Stevie finds herself on a mission to get a new roommate.
  Maybe It's Me
By Kristen Anderson-Sauvà
Farrah isn't made of sugar and spice, but after a string of rejections she considers playing the part to make her dates feel more manly.
  Meet the LadyBugs!
By Dorothy Wallace
The LadyBugs join Liverpool and O'Leary, the Crime Stopping Gerbil, when they visit Sister Phillip's class in Ireland and teach them the party game, 'Pin the Handcuffs on the Pedophile'
Screenplay by Christina Harding, Directed by Carl Evans
Love at first sight with a dangerous beauty puts a young man's life at risk in this charming nod to classic Hollywood noir.
  Night Armour
Screenplay by Carol Younghusband, Directed by Carolina Giammetta
Make-up, aides, and killer heels boost Sophie’s confidence on a blind date. But after he’s left, she dismantles her ˜night armour” to reveal a less than flattering image, only to spot his overlooked car keys - just as the doorbell rings!

The Other Side
By Shannon Rose
A dark comedy about two unlikely friends who decide to commit suicide together, but through their multiple failed attempts, they find meaning in life.


Portrait of An American Woman
By Julia Friedman
A schlumpy girl with low expectations attempts to have a successful day, but cannot part with her doldrum routine, despite her half-hearted efforts.

The Roast Cook
By Eleanor Stancombe
A roast cook deals with his wife's unexplained metamorphosis into a pig the only way he knows how; he prepares her for the oven.


Rojak: The day TV went insane
By Marrie Lee
television station's broadcasting satellite is damaged by a freak storm. Six channels all telecast into one channel simultaneously.

SanFranLand (episodes 1 - 3)
By Ryan Lynch
Southern gal, Bobbi'spredictable small-town Georgia life suddenly implodes and she joins her two best girlfriends, Coco and Tara, in San Francisco.

Somebody's Mother
By Mandy Fabian
Maggie has her pristine Christmas hijacked when her sexually liberated mother brings her new boyfriend home to meet the family.


Someone Better
By Becky Feldman
After being a shut-in for nearly a year, Chelsea takes a new job at, a dating website for people already in relationships.

(Spiders) Want My Body
By Sara Reihani
Music video about spider love (NSF Arachnophobes)

  Stereotypically Me
By Linda Nieves-Powell
A struggling Latina writer finds herself at an impasse when her “voice” is seen as too ghetto. Lydia reaches deep within to conjure up a new muse, but Marisol, the embodiment of her style, is not leaving quietly.

Three's A Crowd
By Mithra Alavi
When Jennifer and Jay realize how boring their sex life is, they become desperate to spice things up. Sounds like a job for a professional.

By Karla Monterrosa
After getting her first period, an antsy teenager tries to find her new place in the world as a woman.


By Montana Mann
When a volatile argument breaks out upstairs between an unbalanced daughter and her avoidant mother, an unexpected turn occurs when they discover they are not the only ones in the bedroom.