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2013 Short Films

Alternate Sides - Six characters confront the realities of alternate side parking rules in Manhattan's East Village. –written by Olenka Denysenko and Jessica Pohly; directed by Olenka Denysenko

Bikini Blues - A young woman's day at the beach turns sour after her bikini top mysteriously vanishes. –directed by Julia Camara

Definitely! - Dagmar and friends experience multiple "technical" difficulties standing in the way of her 5 minutes of public funny business. –written and directed by Ariane Von Kamp

Dream Date - Two women check into a hotel for a night of fun but is it all as it seems? –written by Anne-Marie Draycott and Charity Trimm, directed by Andromeda Godfrey and Diana Juhr-DeBendetti

Dressing Up- A timid assistant discovers her boss is laying off her entire department. Desperate, she disguises herself as an efficiency expert with 1960's castoffs. –directed by Ilona Rossman Ho

El boson de Higgs (The Higgs Boson) - Carlos finds a way to travel to the past to win his girlfriend back. –written by Sara Cano and Eduardo Castiñeros Mayoral; directed by Cristina Molina

Feminist Rapper - A feminist blogger's impromptu rap battle makes her an overnight Internet sensation; the fame draws a notorious rap label's interest. –written and directed by Kiley Vorndran

Goldfish Love - Gandhi, a French talking goldfish, dreams to swim in the open sea. When Rufus, a struggling young musician, buys Gandhi, a very special friendship evolves between the two dreamers. –written and directed by Elin Gronblom

Good Bitch, Bad Bitch - Dorothy Gale sits down with Okra on her spiritual talk show, “Ice Cream Sunday,” to discuss her memoir. –written and directed by Dorothy Wallace

How to Please a Woman in 3 Easy Steps - How to let yourself go - instead of the woman in your life. –written and directed by Gisele Noel

La Boda (The Wedding) -Today at 6 pm, Mirta's daughter is getting married. But nothing goes as she planned. Getting to that wedding will be more difficult than expected. –written and directed by Marina Seresesky

Le Chat est Mort - Rhonda and Pierre are driven to extremes by the deaths of their beloved pussycats. –written by Lynne Moses & Ben Moses, directed by Lynne Moses

L'Exercise (The Exercise) - In a group therapy session, three men learn to manage their emotions through an artistic exercise supervised by Jocelyne, the therapist. –directed by Anabelle Lavoie

Little Pen Lost - Angie is lost and so is Lisa's pen. As they contemplate, an answer come from an unlikely source. written and directed by Julia Radochia
LOL: Snoopy D GPS - With the "Snoopy D GPS," where getting lost have never been so FUN! Drive down Musicville with "Snoopy D" as if he was in your back seat giving directions. –written and directed by Sayrie
Maid of Horror - The blood-soaked story of Emma, an overlooked Maid of Honor, who would kill to get her fairytale ending... –written by Caitlin Koller and Lachlan Smith; directed by Caitlin Koller
Mom Is Dead and I'm Broke - MaryJo can't afford to bury her mother so she enlists her two best friends to help her find a final resting place for dear old mum.
directed by Kate Kaminski and Betsy Carson
Mono Loco - Episode 1: Flora’s just trying to negotiate the mean streets of Kensington. It’s tough out there. Episode 2: Detectives Dee & Diddle can’t help ‘borrowing’ forensic evidence. –written by Wendi Mcarthur; directed by Angelina Borovikova

Ojos que no ven (What the Eye Doesn’t See) - On Christmas Eve, a secret the family tries to keep secret until morning floats in the air. –written and directed by Natalia Mateo

The Organizer - Shirleen pretends she lives in the apartment she cleans instead of in her van when her brother visits town. Then he announces he's staying the night. –written and directed by Susan Hippen.

Otra cosa (Something Else) - In the office lunchroom, Iris and Jon talk about relationships. Her comments about him steer the conversation towards unstable ground. –written and directed by Laura Molpeceres

The Pusher- When two cart pushers at the local Foodland fall for the same checkout girl there's only one way to settle it...duel it out in an old fashioned cart push-off! –written and directed by Erin Drake-Prior

Quintipus - A hand-shaped alien fighter pilot crash lands on Earth and struggles to survive. –written and directed by Victoria Angell

Reunion - Two women reconnect over broccomole during a college mini-reunion. –written by Rachel Axler, directed by Tanit Sakakini.

Rolo - Jessie owns a loveable slave, Rolo, who would do anything for her. Rolo is faced with possible liberation in this silly tale of modern slavery and love. –written by Violet Krumbein and Darren Bernstein; directed by Avram Dodson (not in competition)

Running with Sharks- A woman on the first day of a health kick encounters resistance from unlikely bullies at the gym. A film for anyone who ever felt judged in a swimsuit. – written by Nancy Vitale;directed by Suha Araj

Scent of a Woman - On a romantic weekend upstate, sweet but lactose intolerant Chloe is treated to the one meal Dan knows how to make, Fettuccine Alfredo. –directed by Lauren Savoy

Shoes! - A mild-mannered soccer shoe must save his mate from the dump in time to take their feet back from the diabolical Turf Vipers. –written by Martha Moran & Jennifer Moran; directed by Camille Brown

Show Me How to Plank - This music video will show you the proper way to lie down in inappropriate places. – written by Jade Shyu & Tim Feng; directed by Jade Shyu

Side Effects of Barry - A new pharmaceutical promises a boyfriend in a pill, but “Barry” comes with some side effects... directed by Amy French; written by Etienne Eckert & John Charles Meyer

Spirit in the Sky - Sky, an unhappy cosmic customer demands her money back from Miss Divinia, a woman who claims to have the gift of clairaudience — she hears dead people. written and directed by Valerie Scott

Subplot - A couple wants to break up, and they both secretly plan their escape while remembering the beginning of their relationship. –written & directed by Teri Carson

The Takeover - Two friends envy each other's dating lives until a hippy barista serves them an exotic espresso that causes them to swap bodies for 24 hours. –written & directed by Shequeta L. Smith

Terapia (Therapy) - Emilia lives isolated and alone. Everything changes when her daughter hires a physiotherapist to visit her at home. –written by Javier Muñoz Pizarro; directed by Beatriu Vallès

Wordless - A lonely middle aged woman looks for excitement through an online Scrabble-like game. –written & directed by Laura Gill

The Unwritten Rules: Lions & Tigers & Pig, Oh My! Episode 3 of a web series based on the novel 40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule. –written by Kim Williams, directed by Michelle Clay

ZombleBees - A male and female bee meet, and fall in love. Unwittingly, they drink the nectar from a zombie flower and become zombie-bees! –written by Kasia Kowalczyk & Tal Harris, directed by Kasia Kowalczyk.