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2014 Screenplay Finalists & Semifinalists



Baked Off by Dana Whitney - Howard has just one talent: making the best stoner snacks around. When he wins a finalist spot in the annual Pillsbury Bake-Off, he must face the competition without the aid of his cannabis crutch, entering the world of high stakes baking and Midwestern moms.

Bus and Truck by Shelli Wright - A not-good-enough-for-Broadway cast from New York, take their musical review on the road to riverboat casinos in the South.

eDisharmony by Lorraine Portman - Single, socially awkward Molly, 44, who is trying to meet men online, invites all the men she is chatting with to evacuate to her home on high ground when a hurricane threatens. SIX men show up and all must survive what turns into a deadly storm.

Hop-On Hop-Off by Hannah Leskosky - Only a miracle can get tour guide Jenna out of the job she hates. However, she discovers that, unfortunately, some miracles can be disasters.

Let's Get it Straight by Hannah Leskosky - Two friends are each looking for love, but she won't ask and he doesn't tell, and they both jump to the wrong conclusion.

Living Brooklyn
by Veronica Slattery, Amanda Scott - After Jo leaves the biggest Realtor office in Brooklyn to open up her own with her best friend Ellie, they quickly figure out how cut throat the Brooklyn rental real estate business actually is.

by Marnie Mitchell-Lister - After her daughter suffers a brain injury, a photographer in divorce denial convinces her bitter ex husband to join them on a road trip to help their daughter regain her memory. An ideal scenario for a reconciliation, until his new girlfriend tags along.

The Mindy Project (spec)- LOVER AS SABOTEUR by Sabrina Almeida - With sabotage in mind, the office encourages Morgan to date one of the midwives’ clients.

New in Box by Lindsay Golder - A high school senior must decide whether or not to sell her virginity after her spiteful ex-best friend puts it up for auction online.

Stubs by Lindsay Golder - A scheming amputee, fake war hero cons his way into a job as a high school girl’s softball coach.

Stuck in the Middle b
y Eileen Beard - When Allie's new age hipster boyfriend dumps her a month after they move in together, she has to find a new roommate, fast. She finds two: Irene, Allie's childish best friend, and Skyy, a Craigslist find who skipped childhood completely.

What You See is What You Get by Michelle Zang - A charming but insecure dog trainer battles to win the heart of her Hollywood hunk client from a conniving soap opera diva.


Boomerang the Great by Ana Dominick

Formula Run by Julie Kirtz Garrett

Fried Onions by Sarah Athas

My Assassin by Tonya Roberts

Occupying Williamsburg by Shannon Fontana

Of Gods and Buckets by Gilda Henry

One Small Step for Neil by Tracie Laymon

Ricky Gervais Is My Hero Delayna Michelle

Take My Wife by Linda Algazi

The Umpire Has No Balls by Debbie Bolsky

Underlying Truths by Danielle Weinberg

Weather or Not by Suzanne Johnson

White X-mas by Lauren Winsor Stenmoe

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