September 30-October 2, 2011
at the Electric Lodge in Venice, California

The Broad Humor Film Festival supports funny female filmmakers with a variety of events packed into one short weekend.  Some of these events are typical of film festivals: screenings, discussions, awards and parties.  Some of the events are unique to this festival.

All too often, writers, who craft the stories everyone else in the filmmking process depends upon, are themselves marginalized at festival events.  We created the Broadsides Lab to give them a turn for their work to enjoy the spotlight. We invite all the screenplay finalists to submit a scene which we then cast and have professional actors read for them and an invited audience. 

Once a filmmaker has been a part of our festival, we want to continue to support them in their craft.  So we created the Legacy Project to give them a venue to use as their own.  In the annual Invitational, any writer or filmmaker who has been a part of the festival can make a short film that fits the year's 3 rules and be guaranteed a screening during our Legacy Showcase.  In addition, we screen a feature film of an alumna to give their work an added boost in our Legacy Feature program.

2008 Invitational films

Although Broad Humor gives out awards, our focus is on the festival being the prize.  Our main reason for having an awards program is the benefit that winning these awards confers on the filmmakers and their projects, giving their work a greater chance of success in the wider world; our energies and resources are concentrated, however, less on the prizes and more on making sure that the event is a win for all.


The creation of Broad Humor was triggered by an article in the Writers Guild magazine in which no woman made it into the finals of a Guild competition with blind submissions.  Pretty clear evidence that women are not funny.  Or is it?


Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.
~ Mae West